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Create your own Modules

Another update which we are excited to announce! Ever wondered the possibility to duplicate the ‘Contacts’ module and rename it to something else? Well Yes! you got it right. Now you can create your own module which would look like Contacts module with your own custom fields. So basically you can use it as your data set, and add entries into just like an another module. Give it a check at Setting -> Modules -> Create Module

It allows you to Give your own name, in Singular and Plural. And also allows you to choose an icon for it from over 40 icons we have currently. Write in your comments on the new update.


Drinkle now works on your mobiles & tablets!

Good news! Drinkle is now responsive and works in your mobiles and tablets. You can now login and use drinkle directly from your browser the same way you do with your computer. You do not need to install any application too.


Learn Drinkle with the help of Videos

Quite a lot of minor changes in the last few months, but we haven’t updated you regarding that. Changes like domain change from to, Twitter account change from @DrinkleApp to @Drinkle. And we have also quite few changes in our application, as from today you will experience Drinkle at 200% faster than before, because we have upgraded our servers to Google Cloud from Media Temple(if you noticed that there was down time for a while, this is the reason).

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have added video guides for all of our modules at our youtube channel. You can find them in directly by visiting our channel or even you will find links to their video guides at Drinkle itself, here is a screenshot of where you can find the link.

Drinkle Video Guides


So thats all for now, we will get back with some interesting stuff next time.

Updates: Custom Fields, Inline Editable Tasks, Date wise Leads

Editable Custom Fields

Have you ever felt the need of changing the fields in modules like leads, stock, contacts? Then here is a good news, we have made updated Drinkle and one of the major feature is Editing the fields. Till this point we had few fixed fields for instance in leads you will find fields, Name, Stage, Source, Phone, Company, Designation etc. You might find few fields not suitable for you or you might have wanted to add few additional fields like City, Customer ID, Mobile or maybe something unique in your business, and you realize that its not possible, right? No more fixed fields. Now you can add your own number of fields, edit them, remove them, name them, make them mandatory etc!

Editing Leads Module


Tasks – Inline Editing

Ever felt trouble that you had to open the detail space and edit the task every time you wanted to quick edit it? Too many clicks right? Even we felt the same, hence we made tasks edit inline, with a simple click on a pencil icon on the right and you will be able to edit it quick.

Adding Tasks Inline


Leads – Date wise display

Here is the new lead layout, it arranges leads day wise, showcasing how many leads you received Today, Yesterday, 22 Jan, 21 Jan etc. This helps you easily identify leads on a particular day and also you can see how many leads you are getting day wise.  Also we moved the Lead Stage field within the Lead name fields as badge, you can notice it. We felt this is much better way to quickly identify different leads on different stages.


Hope you like the updates, Leave us comments, about what you are thinking about the updates. And what more features and changes you would want us to make.

Leads Management


Launching Drinkle Live

Finally! After an year of coding and research we finally decided that we should take Drinkle live today no matter what!

Drinkle is Business Management Tool for Small & Medium sized businesses. It provides features like Task management, Customer relationship management, Inventory management etc. The main purpose of developing Drinkle is that, currently there is no single tool where a business or company can find all its required tools and applications in one place, they have to use different tools for different purposes. Like Basecamp for tasks, Salesforce for CRM etc. Drinkle is a web application where you will find all the necessary tools you might need for your business.

At present Drinkle can manage Projects, Leads, Stock, Notes and Sheets. But that is not the end, we are having few more features coming up in the list like Income/Expense tracking, Invoicing etc. But its been a year already and things are taking long time than we expected, so we decided that we are going to take it live first and then we will keep it updated as time goes on.

You can check the video which gives you a quick walk-through of all the features.